Daniel F. R. Gordillo

Web developer & designer / 3D Artist

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My professional profile on this network is focused mainly on web development and programming in PHP + MySQL, HTML, Javascript and CSS stylesheets.


Monster Making 3D page in Facebook

In MONSTERMAKING I'll be uploading news about events and conferences related to my 3D work

3D videos

YouTube Channel

3D modelling and sculpture videotutorials

Blender Artists

Blender Artists profile

This blog is a forum specialized in the Blender 3D modeling software. Here I have uploaded my work in progress, sketches, renderings and tests.

Perfil en Deviantart

Deviantart profile

Here I upload sketches, drawings, and some 3D but mainly just personal work.


Domestika.org Portfolio

Domestika is a portal for designers and illustrators. Here I maintain a portfolio with ONLINE projects I've done over seven years working in studios and agencies in Valencia, Spain.

Also I have a section for my personal work 3D, which is connected with my Vimeo video channel

contacta conmigo: dranath999@yahoo.com | | Idioma: English